A complete passion in improving the health, fitness, well-being, sleep and stress of my clients

I’m Scott. A Personal Trainer. And Truly, I love this job. I love raining people and watching people develop life long habits that make them beam with joy and health. I enjoy giving out advice that will help educate and motivate someone to make healthier decisions. Even selfishly, I like being the one that got you there. My motivation to improve daily is fueled by improvement for my clients – that’s why I give my clients (you) the best possible service/knowledge/advice I can give. I’m looking to improve everyday so I can be better everyday for my clients.

If you’re still with me you are probably interested in where this going, others have probably checked out at ‘I’m Scott’. That’s OK. I’m not for them, but I might be for you. OK, so i’ll start with a bit about how great I am then give your the vanilla statements:

I was originally called Arran on my birth certificate, until my Mum wanted it changed (being born in the U.S.A, my mum thought people would pronounce my name as Air-on). My jokes are absolutely terrible but that’s why I find them funny (yes, my own jokes? I know!!). I was fortunate to have spent the last 10 years traveling and working around the world; USA, New Zealand and Australia. Not to mention visiting some of the most beautiful places in the world, in Europe and Southeast Asia. You talk to me about anything NBA related and i’ll have an opinion – Tim Duncan is the real GOAT! (just realised that is a hilarious sentence from an outside perspective ahahah)

The best self indulging fact I would say of myself is that I truly appreciate connections and getting to know someone, perhaps this was developed through all of my traveling. This is especially true if I can help someone. If I can, I will try to help – although, this sometimes has to be asked of me (i’m human after all) – I tend to jump at the chance! I like being relied upon, and considered, for important matters and I think it shows just how much someone really cares for me. By thinking of me, I want to give my best back to you.

I’m a bit of a green banana – still waiting on the day i’ll ripen into a sweet, sweet li’l snack, but in the meantime I’ll focus less on my money maker and work on improving the body. (Check how awkward this photo is of me haha <– )

I love the gym, its always been exciting to me, It’s a project that allows me to focus on myself and zone out from the world. I can feel and see the progress made on my body.But, ultimately it’s about just having fun! If it’s not fun I usually wont do it – that’s true all elements of my life. Leg day is the best day (most fun) in my opinion, don’t @ me.

Quick facts: I Love Basketball, the dress was Blue and Black not Gold and White, Rocky I is the best Rocky film, I walk barefoot sometimes and I believe this is really great for the body and ‘soul’ (not in the gym, don’t worry), my jokes are terrible but I still try. I love reading and developing my work-based knowledge, I was in 2016 New Zealand Kaikoura Earthquake. In quarantine I have developed a love for Autobiographical books. If you want to know more about me and the services I provide then send me DM or email – I love meeting new people! Email me, call me, stop me in the street, send a pigeon, Fax me, anything!

Now about Personal Training!

I am a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and Level 3 Exercise Referral Trainer , REP’s and CIMSPA registered, with a complete passion in improving the health, fitness, well-being, sleep and stress of my clients. My interest in fitness has expanded into multiple areas, primarily focusing on Male and Female fat-loss and bodybuilding, with an interest in power & strength, and Glute ‘booty workouts’. I have a varied background in multiple industries – primarily, Communications and Human resources. I am motivated purely by support, care and drive to help improve others – I believe this a mindset we can all adopt. “love, not war, maaaan”

Ethos: I offer a service that has a strong focus on Happiness first, then Health and Fitness. Through challenging inner acceptance and goal setting I believe we can create a strong purpose to our change of health habits. Everyone’s unique and so is my approach to each individual. I believe it’s important to discover the elemental reasons for body composition change, primarily focusing on self-acceptance and mental health through fitness and support/lending an ear. Making people happy, making fitness fun, and changing established perceptions of fitness is what I enjoy. Fitness and exercise can be anything if you are moving and enjoying it.

Service: I offer personal training sessions and online training. I focus on relationships with clients that provide custom built fitness sessions that will aid those that are new to fitness, looking to improve fat-loss, hypertrophy (muscle gain), or just want to improve general fitness and health.

Online training welcomes a remote approach to personalised training plans and coaching, you can check out more here.

1-to-1 personal training allows the creation of trust and visual education and support to those who need that extra motivation to get in the gym. You can check out more here.

I started with the aim to provide my service out of multiple locations (Gyms), saving my clients time and travel that can be spent enjoying life and, that’s exactly what I achieved. I proudly offer personal training sessions from all Leisure and Culture Dundee Fitness facilities as well as a couple of other locations around the city of Dundee – some being semi-private, should my clients require it. In the gym or out for a good walk, I’ll come to you!

Openness: my business mentality is to include fitness and health for all by making it fun. This includes promotion of; local Personal trainers and their good work, local gyms and their services/offers, local events, and local business that promote healthy and fitness etc. I aim to promote open communication between the fitness community showing inclusion and willingness to share. The goal is to drive a ‘bigger picture’ mentality that will increase the Happiness, Fitness and Health of Dundee. Hopefully, I can be looked upon within the industry as someone who is patient, trusting and open.

Contact: Please get in contact if you believe I can help you, or even just to let me know that you actually read the above. I would love to chat to you and see If I can help you achieve the dream body and goals you’ve set out for yourself. I hope to hear from you!

Happiness, Health and Fitness.