Based across multiple locations across Dundee, my aim is get you Happy, Healthy and Fit in the shortest period of time possible but with healthy and lasting effects! Essentially, I want you in and out but equipped with the right tools to reach and maintain your goals for a healthier life. I’m a big advocate on education, specifically, the more you know the better. There is no substitute for hard work but there is always room to work smarter. In addition, I do focus on the mental aspects of fitness as I believe this is very important to sustaining long-term healthy habits. It’s not like group therapy or a hippy-dippy sit in the circle and spread ‘Good vibes’ but its more reassurance that I’m here if you want to talk.

Following a system

I focus on the use of machines and weights, including Barbells and Dumbbells. But, I am partial to a great outdoor workout, if the weather is playing along. Before the exercise I will conduct a full lifestyle and nutrition analysis in order to better define your goals. Plus, its a great way to get to know you as a person.

Face-to-face personal training that is suited and planned specifically for you in order to reach your goals: whether that goal is to lose fat and build lean muscle, Increase muscle mass or improve coordination/balance and sport performance. The program is specific and tailored to you.

Beyond our time together in the gym, ultimately the effort continues with you. I will support you throughout all aspects of your journey giving you the best service possible! Need a daily reminder? Need motivation? Need more information? Want to try something different? Whatever the need, i’ll aim to help (within reason LOL – I don’t think I’ll be doing your washing for you).

Whether you are new to a gym, back in action after some time away or looking to switch things up, I want to help you achieve your goal. Outside of improving your physical appearance I will aim to make you feel stronger, healthier and happier.

Online Training

Get in touch today to discuss online training. You’ll be given all the support and tools to help shape your body via remote assistance. Like all of my clients, you will get direct access to myself and all my knowledge, weekly check-in’s, plan adaptations, calorie control setting, training advice, support and guidance. Find out more today.