I love training my clients and giving them the best opportunities, information and support to thrive. When the results come this is amazing and it should be celebrated!

Below, I will list some of my clients achievements/kind words, but only with their permission.
Specific names and photos are missing due to respect of their anonymity.

‘M’, 4 months+ training

Result: New to gym/previously little experience, now is religious (3/4 times a week) with a complete interest peaked in the bodybuilding world, better understanding of nutrition, workout planning skills and perfectly executed form. “Bless you and see you for confession at church (the gym)”.

Sean, 3 months+ training

Result: Lean muscle developed and adherence to the gym 3/4 times a week. Exercise knowledge has increased and is building a dream body for his honeymoon, the gym is now a lifestyle for Sean! Full commitment and dedication to achieving his goal and now pursuing football again getting his cardiovascular stamina back up. Nearly broke me when Sean said ‘you changed my life!’ – Don’t cry Scott, don’t cry!

Azzy, 6 months+ training

Result: Azzy has made some massive changes to her life and making the right decisions for herself! Commitment is next level and she is well on her way to her goal. When she’s not pushing me to push her to work harder (rest is important, Azzy lol) she is committed to improving her diet!

Lewis, 5 months+ training

Result: Lewis made improvements to his testing scores every month!! The man is a dog in the gym, only thing that slows him down is his desire to workout too much! Shoulder health has improved massively, jump test, push up test, bleep test and curl up test all improved. Lewis was sport specific and I cant wait until next season! Now its time to shreeeeeeed it, broooooooo!

Laura, 6 weeks+ training

Result: Laura (or Carrie Bradshaw I should say) was DEDICATED! Down 1st and 7lbs – all in time for her Big Birthday celebration in NYC. Cautious of previous runners knee pain, Laura had no pain during our session and actually improved her flexibility whilst strengthening the whole body. Laura controlled the diet herself and took control of it.
Words of advice: Laura stated determination as the key to her success and her tips for others are: “Pick a reason “WHY” you want to do this for “YOURSELF” and “DO IT”. Stay focused – Have a realistic goal – Have fun! (You are doing it for You!)

Ben, 8 weeks training

Result: Granted, Ben is my brother so it would come across as a fix but no one can take away the hard work and total commitment that he put into his cut. Although Ben is across in Australia I was able to give him full support and advice (he’s my brother of course I will do that!). Although I couldn’t watch over his sessions (4-5 days a week in gym) he stuck to the workouts I wrote up and gave honest feedback – we adapted each plan to his response (I know Ben and his tendencies but not all programmes will be perfect but the response was perfect and the result was amazing). Diet was the key here for Ben (trust me, left to his own devices the man eats only chicken and rice, zero veg hahaha!) he stuck to the plan, enjoyed the diet breaks and actually ate more fruit and veg which mum was ecstatic about lol. Nearly 17.5lbs down in 8 weeks [Est. 7lbs of fat]. Next time we will take a prolonged approach to minimise muscle loss – But you can see he kept a lot of his muscle and size!
Words of advice: Ben has stated “the cardio at the end of every workout did wonders. It’s just adding the little things in that really help”. “When you are on a strict diet you need something to look forward to. I became obsessed with Oreos for some reason. So Scott managed to work them in to my diet and allowed me to have them now and again, which helped the cut seem less draining.”

Donna, 2 Months+ training

Result: Goal achieved for Donna, we had a weight target in mind for her holiday and Donna handled it perfectly with no complaining – though to be honest Donna was already in fantastic shape! Taking Donna through the processes I use and gradually building up her knowledge and technique was important to help her feel more comfortable in the gym and especially with weights. We tailored each session to her needs and wants (finding what she enjoyed and what her body reacted best to) ranging from High intensity training to strength and to muscle endurance – of course learning advance training principles along the way as Donna was absolutely destroying every task I put in front her – I had to keep up!!
Words of advice: From Donna: “Don’t expect huge changes overnight and don’t measure yourself against other individuals. We all start these journeys for our own reasons and keep your reason in mind. If you have a bad day and think it’s all too much don’t beat yourself up! Step back take a few deep breathes and start afresh. Also if you have a trainer who’s in a choir then you’ll have it all!!!”

Jade, 8 weeks training+

Result: 6lbs down, strength up, work rate up, knowledge and dedication improved week to week. Wanting to kick start gym workouts with weight lifting knowledge and nutritional information, Jade took everything on board and worked her socks off. The numbers improved weekly and this was down to jades commitment and drive to work hard in the gym, with only a little guidance. It was great to hear of the extra gym sessions jade was doing, even influencing her friends to workout. Jade has made a positive change to herself lifestyle and I know she’s influencing others – Amazing!
Words of advice: From Jade: “Using the calorie counting app was very helpful to me to keep count on calories. Just keep going and really stick to what advice you have been given from Scott. “

Marc, 4 months training

Result: Marc was looking to drop is weight, expand his experience and workout knowledge with Personal Training sessions. Education and information was important to Marc, especially showing him the reasoning, function and purpose behind every exercise. Calories were controlled in order to maintain and reduce body weight. Marc is already an extremely fit individual and so the sessions were supplementary to his impressive workout routine that compromises of nearly 7 days a week!
Words of advice: From Marc: “Calorie deficit is important and regular sessions where clients are ‘upping’ their progress. For example, with a particular exercise or weight. Seeing this type of progress is powerful.”