Scott Stuart Farkas

CEO, President, Chief Marketing Director, Director of Operations and Personal Trainer.

I hope I nailed the job title section.

I am a qualified level 3 Personal Trainer and Level 3 Exercise Referral trainer and a member of REP’S and CIMSPA. But, what’s truly more impressive is the passion and love I have for exercise. Don’t believe me, just ask all my mates. Both of them will tell you.

Jokes aside, I truly want to make you the very best version you can be – in your eyes. I push my clients but I also take care of their mental health. I am a strong believer that if we begin to improve our Happiness then the Health and Fitness follows naturally. Before you know it you’ve hit your goals and walking taller and even sassier! 100% Sass not guaranteed.

So, why not enjoy your healthy lifestyle changes? Make learning a new exercise fun, make cardio exciting, make fat-loss easy! I believe everyone already has the ability to reach their dream goals or dream bodies – everyone has the potential. Just how bad do you want to make it happen? I simply provide guidance for you on your path to improved fitness, health and happiness in, ideally, the most positive method for you.

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Looking to start Online training?

In addition to 1-to-1 training, I offer remote coaching via online training. Find out more about online training here.

Free support and advice from me:

In addition to Personal Training, I offer free and paid for advice and support via my blog here or via my social media. I will soon offer a subscription package that allows members to access all of my Fitness programs and extra featured content. However, If you want some great free tips and advice on all things health and fitness related, please follow me and read my free blog posts from the header section. I can’t really say how often I post – maybe every week-ish? but best believe the content is and will be EXTRA juicy. I love all elements of fitness, so I like to think I’ve got everyone covered – life’s little hacks if you will. Plus, I love promoting the best services, businesses and people in Dundee so you can get the best opportunities to improve your overall health. My free content will cover:

Workout advice/tips – These are real juicy, don’t miss!

Mental Health – Advice and support.

Food/Drink – No cooking advice, sorry! but I can help with facts .

Stretching/pain relief – Taking care of the body.

Tech advice for fitness – What’s new, can it help, is new tech good, was y2k real?

Stress – How to better manage/deal, the links to you overall health.

Supplements – I don’t recommend any, but I share the ones I use, rate them, and challenge you to explore them for yourself.

Improvement – How to improve strength, muscle size, overall fitness and your general well-being.

Motivation – Want a bazillion quotes on that will get jumping out of bed? Don’t worry I won’t make your eyes roll! lets talk real motivation, real stories, ‘Monday motivation’ posts and not me showering you in DO’s and DONT’s.

Check out all the free content here.

I am proud to be industry registered as a REP’s and CIMPSA member.