This is my current workout plan as of 2020 (post Quarantine – August onwards).

This workout plan was influenced from my readings and interest into the Arthur Jones and Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty training style and information. It is a workout best executed with a workout partner but there are many ways to get it done on your own.

The workout plan includes 2 warm up sets per exercise followed by 1 working set that includes maximum intensity – going to failure. Intensity will be measured by the ability to utilise full potential of my reps and weight and lift until I could not. In some instances going beyond failure is advised.

Completing the first round of workouts (there are only 3 individual workouts Full1, Legs, Full2) I would utilise positive (concentric) failure, the second round I would utilise positive and Negative (eccentric) failure, third round I would utilise positive and isometric failure, fourth a combination and so on. I also used multiple different advanced systems – partial reps, drop sets and priority principle to name a few.

The workouts are extremely brutal if you can push yourself to that place of complete failure and ensure you give 100% on every set. The idea is to improve from the last workout. Improve by one rep or increase by 5-10% increase in weight. This plan is all about chasing the numbers. As your strength increases as will your strength.

Tbh I was a bit scepticle about 3-7days rest period. However, Mike Mentzer explains it so clearly in his book High Intensity Training that I was instantly convinced. I have seen the results, it works. Although I did not make major progress on all lifts, there has definitely been progress – strength and visually on my physique. I do believe more frequency is required – however I believe this is all dependent on an individuals recoverability and head space. As I am quite normally a stress head it my recovery time is shocking and so this workout plan has been great for me as I full recover from each workout.

If you enjoy this workout you will love the my Heavy Duty training plan found here. The plan has full instructions and support to help you execute the HIT training workouts effectively and safely. It is one of my all time favourite workout plans ever created!

HIT (High Intensity Training) Weeks 1-12

Focus: Full Body Hypertrophy

Overview: 1-2 total workouts per week separated by 3-7 days’ rest.

This training plan was mostly taken from Mike Mentzer’s HIT workout program. The theory behind one training session every 4-7 days is to ensure adequate recovery and growth between workouts. The workouts will include only one set to failure and its purpose is to impose maximum intensity. The workouts will therefore be short with an intention to shorten each subsequent workout and to increase the reps and weight lifted – this is to increase intensity with each workout. High Intensity.

Variety of reps and low rest. A controlled tempo is required for each lift. No momentum is to be used – this will subtract from the total work of the muscle. Heavy weight but with good form to ensure full range of movement. Warm up is vital, especially on leg days. Deep focus on muscle fatigue and working one set to total (or beyond, with a partner) to failure.

Alternative for exercises are listed. Exercises will be advanced via the intensity factor listed below.

Focus: Full Body muscle growth

Notable points to always remember: Slow tempo, lift a heavy weight, keep good form, and work to failure on each set. Recover 4-7days before next workout to ensure you are well recovered and overcompensated.

Exercises:                         x1 p/muscle group minimum
Reps and sets:               1 sets p/exercise (after 2x warm up sets). 1-20 reps depending
Rest:                                  30-180 sec (use judgement based on heart rate and perceived exertion)

Intensity: Increase intensity via the order as follows

  • Reps
  • Weight
  • Rest time

6-week periodization example:

3 workouts:      

  • Full 1
  • Legs
  • Full 2     (Repeat – Legs session after every Full session)

Week 1-12: 1-2 days per week example

Full 1—Rest——Rest——Rest—Legs—Rest——Rest—
—Rest——Rest—Full 1—Rest——Rest——Rest—Legs

Repeat as so – take anywhere between 3-7 days’ rest between the next workout. Use own judgement.

To view this 12 week plan you can download it here:

If you’ve downloaded the workout please leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts. If you’ve used the plan let me know how you got on! If you would like a custom plan and 100% support and individual guidance please check out the online training section here if you want to be coached by myself.

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