Fat loss Focused workout Plans

The following workouts focus on fat-loss through a resistance (weights) and cardio program. As a result of the resistance training you will also develop your strength and aerobic capacity – aiming to leave you feeling leaner, stronger and fitter.

The aim of the workouts are to help reduce of the total body mass, primarily loss of body fat (adipose tissue). As a result of dropping the excess body weight, we will also drop fluid (water retention), and, unfortunately, a little bit of lean mass. A balanced and effective diet is recommended when dieting.

The GBC workout- 3 days.

(German Body composition). This training program looks to direct blood flow to the upper and lower body at alternating times during the workout. This method increases lactate build up and leads to growth hormone output that enhances the fat loss potential.
– Full Weights plan
– Full Cardio plan
– Step calculated plan
– 3/4 days full body. Approximately 1 hour sessions.
– 12 weeks worth of exercise plan
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High Rep Burner – Muscle endurance

Quarantine At Home Workouts – 2020

Overton – 2018