Books I recommend

These book recommendations are, primarily, for the curious. Those inquisitive bunch who enjoy learning and always looking for an edge or secret ingredient. In addition to the curious and inquisitive, I wanted to provide a one-stop web page for those new to the industry (personal trainers, young athletes and coaches) because, for my own part, I would have loved the recommendations when I first started. So, here we have just a few of my recommendations, and general good reads, that I think anyone can enjoy (granted, if you are interested in the sports, health, fitness subject).

I have split the section into recommendations for the average gym user, personal trainers, strength and size interest and, basically, some of my favourite books (fiction, autobiography, self-help etc.)

I hope these help, but, more importantly, if you have any book recommendations for me then please leave them in the comments section at the bottom!

Books I recommend for every gym user:

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Considered the bible for those looking to get a history lesson and introduction to hundreds of exercises and purposes. Includes basic info on how to build the body and diet. A bit outdated.

Wolfgang Unsold

A German strength coach, Wolfgang’s book is very clear and provides simple reasoning for 150 tips to improve your gym performance, strength and size. Covering training, sleep and nutrition.

Mike Mentzer, Little

I love this book for the information, the philosophy and honesty of Mike Mentzer. Mentzer and Arnold hated each other, it’s fitting to have them both in here with different styles of training. I currently follow Mike’s training style.

Dr. Kelly Starrett

Everything you will need to read in terms of mobility and posture. This book highlights key areas that injuries can occur and breaks down simple tools to optimize your efforts in the gym, and generally in life. Its a long read but easy to follow.

Books I recommend for Dieting / Contest Preparation and PT’s.

Layne Norton and Peter Baker

Excellent for the natural bodybuilder/enthusiast looking to drop fat and keep muscle. This book is like a personal coach.

Frederic Delavier

This book gives you a great understanding of anatomy, including the muscles involved with every exercise imaginable.

Layne Norton and Peter Baker

Brilliant book for the general interest on how to effectively drop fat and keep it off. If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of Layne’s work.

Aaron Horschig

An in-depth look at all things squat related. Aaron Horschig is a physical therapist, strength & conditioning coach, speaker and writer. He knows his stuff.

Books I recommend for Training: Strength, Hypertrophy & Nutrition

Donald Chu

An easy read explaining plyometrics and power in simplest form. Illustrated with exercises and examples to make your own plan. This book is slightly outdated.

Anita Bean

A sound book explaining the strength training principles in clear format. Provides a number of workout plans and exercises.

Bill Campbell, Spano

A excellent book regarding nutrition, supplementation and nutrient timing for strength and sport athletes. A science application.

Eric Helms, Andy Morgan, Andrea Valdez

All-encompassing book on strength training. A fantastic source of information based on sound evidence.

Stephane Cazeault

Very technical and interesting. Stephane is a great source, working with many professional athletes.

Books I just love!

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