What a daft question, of course you do! You’ll try anything, right? slimming tea, a Personal Trainer, Weight Watchers, fat burner supplements, Green tea and caffeine, turmeric anything? To succeed and drop the weight you will try anything, right?

No, try not. Do, or do not. There is no try. “

Jedi Master Yoda.

To commit to a change in your body we need to first accept a change is required from within us and especially to our routine [specifically our comfort zone]. Now, I’d love to grow 20 inch biceps by exercising my arms specifically once a week, but that’s not going to happen. I’m going to have to change up the stimulus, make it a priority every day, investigate the best methods of growth, experiment, use my victories as motivation and, above all, work my socks off! There is also the little question of ‘can my body physically grow 20 inch arms without performance enhancing drugs?’ Perhaps I may need to realistically adjust my goals – heck, ill be happy with 19 inch arms , i’m currently 15.5 inches.

what’s my point? If you are serious about fat loss, you will need to make it a priority, you will need to experiment, learn and adapt but above all, work hard and work your socks off daily!! All these socks being worked off, I can only picturing a bare foot Jesus lol

second, expect set-backs and tough times – it’s inevitable. Its a damn shame, it really is, but its soo easy to put the weight on, taking it off is tough!!! It’s hard. There are days when emotions run high, you feel weak and you want to control something, antyhing in your life – up pops food. There are days where you say ‘F#@k it, i’m having cake!’. There are extended periods of time where you forget about that little goal you set because work and life have taken over. I’ve said this a lot, and I truly believe in it, success isn’t a result – its knowing that you gave your all and tried your best.

Point my what’s? lol Expect the hard times and the set-backs. It’s part and parcel of the process. Accepting the high’s and the low’s will prepare you for a better bounce back – it will keep you moving forward not backward – it will keep you focused on the road to success.

Third, focus on your task daily. To really make a difference you will need to focus every day – that’s 365 days of a non-leap year year. EVERY DAY! I don’t think you read that properly. Every single day you will need to bring the focus and attention of your day to your goal. I mean, sure, don’t go nuts and make it your world 24/7 – I don’t want you to focus violently on weight loss like a war deprived trigger-happy soldier, craving his first kill. No no no! I just want you to acknowledge the goal daily, focus on your purpose and ensure your actions of the day are with your best interest for that goal.

What’s my point? We have a tendency to forget and move on when our goals seem impossible. The urgency and passion slowly drifts away and we find our self back on the old routine knowing deep down we are not on task. Don’t make your health a 2 week blitz of celery juice and starvation just to resume the old routine. Focus on your goal and make it a daily priority – i’m not saying make it like work – but it kinda is like work. [Work can be fun you know, don’t just box work into the category of ‘aww shite’ lol]

Finally, focus on the little victories. This is you doing it! You know, that task you set yourself – lose weight. If you drop one pound or one belt buckle or move down one dress size, that my friend deserves praise [Allah, Jesus, Buddha, science, you name it]. It is amazing and it is proof of your hard work. I always let my clients know how amazing a loss of any measure for weight loss is.

What’s my point? Give yourself love when you’ve done amazing things. Yes, we have not met the final goal or we are not [currently] where we want to be – but it’s a sign of success and improvement. I hate to use Tesco’s motto, but its too damn good, ‘Every little helps’. Focus on the achievement today [not tomorrow] and acknowledge how amazing you are doing TODAY! After all, you improved from yesterday and how great is that, not many people recognise their growth and improvement.

To summarise:

  • Weight loss is performed out of the comfort zone.
  • Plan for set-backs and knock-backs, it’s inevitable but manageable.
  • Focus on your weight loss goal every single day.
  • Love yourself and praise each of the little victories.

You got this, you can do it! If it’s rocket science then I’m proving all those teachers in school wrong but we both know it ain’t. There are probably a hundred grammar errors in this blog post LOL! You can do it, I think you just need a little belief in yourself!

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