The first 6 weeks is done and dusted – in the bag and they really flew by. It was really great to have structure again and watch my shoulders and calf’s develop. Arm Day was very intense for me, especially the Barbell curls – my arms never felt so pumped, I’m certain I will keep and develop the arm routine as I was able to really build a strong connection with the arms but at the same time not over-train them. I never felt a risk of injury which is actually amazing!

It was great to keep track and watch the numbers increase. Noticeably the slow tempo of lat pull downs has transferred to wide grip pull ups where I can now rep over 10, which was great as I haven’t tried in years due to bicep weakness and doubt/weakness. Regrets: not tacking proper measurements, not taking a proper photo before and after.

The muscular endurance for my legs have improved significantly. However, it all wasn’t peachy, every leg day was an absolute battle – 100 reps is no joke, especially if your not up for it and must lift every 60 seconds. My Back was giving me bother on certain back exercises and it has sparked me to look into a chiropractor [for safety and longevity]. EDIT: Went to visit a sports therapist, Neil Lackenby, you can check out his Facebook page Here. Neil’s expertise, knowledge and professionalism blew me away and I think we nailed it on the head – tight hip flexors, stemming from inactive hamstrings/glutes and over dominating quads. With some new stretches I am excited to say ‘bye bye’ to some reoccurring back and hip flexor pain.

I had taken a week off and now I will progress to a 9 workout days every 2 weeks (one day more per every 2 weeks from last plan) as listed on the front page of my original document. It will include now more leg training days, more back and more arms. shoulders are still a priority for me but the volume of each session was just feeling too much – I have dropped one shoulder day but moved into more intense rep ranges and weight as I have primed my shoulders for coping with this. I can’t wait to see where my body develops in the next 6 weeks!

EDIT: in 2020 I have managed to look back at this update the workout plan to look somewhat more understandable. The plan is very similar to DUP plan. It is not your typical workout plan where chest day is the same exercise. There are 8 different workouts for the 9 days. This plan was extremely tailored to my needs.
If you would like a specialised plan to suit your needs and ability send me a message today in the contact tab or sign up directly for my online training.

Scott’s muscle Hypertrophy phase Week 8-13 [started on 16/09/19]

Focus: Arms, Chest and Legs

Overview: Muscle endurance/ hypertrophy range. High reps and work up to low rest. Connecting with the muscle and ensuring muscle fatigue over heavy weight. Warm up is vital, especially on leg days. Deep focus on muscle fatigue and overload.

No exercise will be repeated more than 6 times consecutively (Polliquin suggestion).Exercises will be advanced via the intensity factor listed below.

Focus: Build up the shoulders and arms. Get 7/8 hours sleep minimum. Stay focused. Get to the gym on time. Complete stretching daily.

Notable points to always remember: Light weights only, deep burn. Do not continue a rep if struggling or in pain, good reps only with feeling.

Exercises: x3 p/muscle group minimum
Reps and sets: x5/4 sets p/exercise [after warm up]. 5-15+ reps
Rest: ≤ 60-180 seconds

Intensity: Increase intensity via the order as follows:

  • Rest time
  • Reps
  • Sets
  • Tempo
  • Training system
  • Weight

6-week periodization:
Week 1-6: 9 day in 2 weeks

Weeks: 1/3/5
MondayShoulders & Lat/Back (Heavy)
TuesdayLegs & Arms with Calves
ThursdayChest & Back with Calves
FridayShoulders & Arms ( High volume)
SundayLegs & Arms (Heavy)
Weeks: 2/4/6
MondayChest & Back
WednesdayShoulders & Lat/Back with Calves
ThursdayLegs & Arms
FridayChest & Back

To view this 6 week plan you can download it here:
I will warn you, it’s a bit of a mess. But I have colour coded each workout to make it clear for anyone downloading it. You will not get bored of this workout as you will be so confused haha

If you’ve downloaded the workout please leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts. If you’ve used the plan let me know how you got on!

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