Typically, I’m not a morning person. But, this is not to be confused with the Idea that I cannot work in the morning, more so that my body has a slow process of waking me up. I’ve come to accept it and I plan accordingly – you just won’t catch me bouncing out the bed like a Morning TV presenter [I thought instantly of Phillip Schofield in his smiley face pyjamas, anyone else?]

Currently, I am back on a rebuild phase – trying to ‘Bulk’ up and get my body bigger in certain areas. For the past 2 months I was consistently eating less than my TDEE (Total daily energy expenditure or calorie needs to stay the same weight) and successfully brought myself down from 202lbs or 14st,6lbs to a weight of 185 lbs or 13st, 3lbs [18/07/19]. I maintained my exercise and just generally ate less [roughly -500 Kcals per day]. I am blessed, currently, with a fast metabolism so this wasn’t too difficult for me – but it does make building muscle hard, hence why i’m back on a rebuild phase. The reduction in weight was a trial to see how fast I would cut the weight with no major lifestyle changes – nobody seemed to notice I lost a stone, but then again It was over 2 months!

Anyway, Breakfast!

As of 1/09/19 my calories are back up to 3500 Kcal per day, regardless of gym days or rest days, and I love it! This means breakfast can be quite calorie heavy. If, for example, I have 5 meals a day that is 700 Kcal per meal – tidy!! However, My breakfast is a little less.

A typical day:

  • Large glass of water, 1/4 tspn of pink salt and half a lime fresh squeezed
  • 1x Hard-boiled egg
  • Handful of spinach
  • Cheddar cheese 30g
  • Cucumber x8 slices
  • Cherry Tomatoes x 5
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • Milk 400ml
    TOTAL: Roughly 600 Calories – 38g of Protein/ 34g of Fat/ 40g of Carbohydrates/


  • Multivitamin: x1 p/day
  • Vitamin C: 500mg x3 p/day
  • Omega 3: x2 p/day
  • Creatine Monohydrate: 5g p/day
  • Magnesium [before bed]: 500mg p/day

Water? Salt? Lime? Why? If you want to know why the first item is a large glass of water, you can read more info here. Got to thank the German strength coach, Wolfgang Unsold, for this tool.

Did you notice my breakfast is mostly fat? That’s right, fat rules!!! By eating fat it doesn’t necessarily mean I will put on fat, this is especially true when in a calorie deficit – if you are eating less calories than your body demands it does not matter where the calories are coming from, Fat, Protein or Carbs your body will drop weight. For more, in-depth, reading on fat and its benefits you can check out my article here.

But back to me,. Fat, Its good -and I have found that I am fuller for longer and have more energy with a higher Fat breakfast, not to mention that listed breakfast above is super quick and easy to make – peel one egg, pour the milk and water [separately, i’m not a brute], cut an avocado, lime, cucumber [which I found out is technically a fruit, crazy!] and a piece of cheese. Having a breakfast that helps me work better, with less hunger bouts is ideal as I never know when I will get my next meal, so I want it to last looooooong.

I will feel fuller for longer for a few reasons. Fat is a slow macro nutrient to break down in the body, meaning your body feels fuller for longer as it takes its time to turn that Fat to use. Fat is high in my Milk, Avocado, Egg yolk, and cheese. Fiber is present in my Fruit (Tomatoes AND Cucumber is a fruit, I still can’t believe it!!!) meaning it will sit in the body for longer as it is harder to break down – this fiber business is the stuff that helps molds a solid number 2 on the toilet haha! Additionally, fruit an veggies typically allow a large portions with only very little calories -this is great for ‘filling a whole‘ with a quantity of food and helps to cut back on calories (especially when looking to drop some weight).

That’s my breakfast. It’s not perfect but it works for me, right now, and I do change it from time-to-time. Variety is important, so is enjoyment. Find what you love and try to make it work for you and your goals – I can’t think of many things worse than eating Porridge or Oats everyday, yuck!

Let me know what you have in your Breakfast and how does it work for you?

Fruit Gang

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