Because I’m a Personal Trainer I hold infinitely waay waaay more knowledge than you and i’m an inspiration to the masses (this is a joke…or is it?)

On a serious note, I’m learning just like you and I always try to learn from my clients just as much as they learn from me. So, no, i’m not your guru with all the answers and decisions but I will sprinkle a little motivation your way through beautiful looking images [created by yours truly] that hopefully gets you to reflect and decide for yourself if the message benefits you.

The following have been posts to my social media every[ish] Monday. Enjoy the collection.

Summary: It’s OK to say no and trust your guy reaction.

If you want it, you’ll do it. The dream body, the Strength, the Size. The time will come. I have full faith in every human being in regards to mind over matter [yes, even you reading this]. But, if you find more happiness and peace from being honest with yourself and others by saying ‘No’ then be honest and say ‘No’ . Set yourself up for success the NEXT TIME – being honest with yourself will provide much more positive and manageable outcomes where you are in the drivers seat.

Summary: Smile.

Flash that million-watt money maker.

If we all gave each other a Smile on Monday, everyone would look forward to Monday. Mondays are tough only if you allow them to be!

Fun fact: Don’t smile at monkey’s they take this as a sign of aggression

Mon’ then!

Tackle the week with no fear and hit the ground running! 


*Bread = your goals 

Though literal bread is my always goal.

Small changes make big results.

Nobody sees the small changes, just the big results. They’re not glamorous and usually involve changes like drinking more water [preach it,Scott!], eating less/more or more walking a few more steps.

Take the time to reflect on your healthy new changes and praise yourself! Give yourself some love for the effort and care that YOU decided to give to YOU! It truly is amazing.

Keep going, you are the motivation to the old you 💙

Ain’t that the truth!
I always visualise Sir Roger Bannister, the first man to break the 4-minute mile on May 6, 1954. Many considered it impossible until Roger completed the ‘impossible’. BUT, here is my favourite part in Roger’s legacy:
-46 days later someone else broke the 4-minute mile.
-1 year later, three runners broke the four-minute barrier in a single race.
-Now thousands of individuals have broke the 4-minute barrier.
“It had become as much a psychological barrier as a physical one. And like an unconquerable mountain, the closer it was approached, the more daunting it seemed.”
Whatever your goal, go get it! Listen to your heart not the doubts in your head and, of course…Have fun while doing it!

Who knows, maybe the worst outcome isn’t going to happen. What happens if it goes perfectly?
Anxiety, lack of motivation, people’s opinions, fear.
These are real, of course, but they share a similar trend – they are first planted in our imagination, like a seed, and we choose to nurture it or tackle it head on and try to remove it from our life.
Give yourself time, you will overcome your anxiety, lack of motivation, people’s opinions and fear. You can go to the gym, track your food, wear those clothes, join a new group, take a plunge into something new and enjoy yourself.

With ‘Long haul’ I imagine a long haul plane journey – trust me i’ve done a few including UK to NZ which took me 19 hours total 😳
Weird analogy: Would you rather take the long haul flight to your destination knowing that you will get there on time eventually or do you prefer 5/6 different flights that that take a longer total time, no guarantee to catch the next flight as you have 30 mins between flights and you have to pray that your luggage arrives with you at your final destination. Did you really save money with all the meals and time you spent switching planes?
If the short cuts ain’t working then let’s try the long term approach?
I know it can be hard to accept and we hate things that take time. But if we want to lose weight and the weight watchers, keto, slim-fast, slimming world diets haven’t worked, AGAIN, then why not try a 6 month programme? If your goal is to increase muscle size and strength and you have not packed on muscle in a month, will giving up help you to improve?
To succeed, I encourage you to enjoy each session, try new things, accept the journey and have fun with it – its the fun part anyway, right?

Just this.

Take little risks daily.

Take the risk to say Hi to the person you see everyday but you have never spoken to.

Take the risk to try something new.

Take the risk to give it your all and forget about how you look or what others will think.

Taking little risks may just open your life up to success and great company.

As Dell boy used to say ‘He who dares, wins’

Do you have what it takes to take on patience and time? I think you do.

We want everything fast and now. There is no problem with that. You think cavemen wouldn’t have wanted to use the escalator or a microwave meal?

some things take time and patience and unfortunately there is no way around it. However, I believe the biggest weapons against patience and time is being consistent and believing in yourself/the plan.

There are some outcomes that we cannot control – we can only control what we can.

We can be our biggest critic demanding the best outcome every single time but sometimes we just don’t ‘win’ or get the right result. However, we can control the process. We can give our best and take pride knowing we gave it all and left nothing. That in itself is success, regardless of the outcome

Little insight to me here, this is actually one of favourite lines of all time. It’s taken from Rocky III and it echos in my head when I try to put something important off. I imagine I’m Rocky but with a few less blows to the head lol

In reality there is a tomorrow and somethings do take time. But, I know you have the power and energy inside of you to tackle the difficult and hard tasks TODAY, not tomorrow.

Monday Motivation: Are you loving it?

There is about a billion trillion different types of exercise out there [maybe, don’t quote me], why not change it up if you are getting a little bored?
Find something you like, with good people and you will be sweet – adherence through the roof, enjoyment up, something to look forward to, new knowledge and it might just be wicked! [I cringed writing that, don’t worry 😂]

Monday Motivation: I hope you are proud of your efforts?

If you are working out and making changes to your lifestyle I hope you are doing this for yourself and no one else. Change can be associated with negative connotations – this isn’t the case when you are trying to better your life, health and happiness.

I hope you are proud of your efforts, the changes you have made and the person you are today…. If not, you can start the change today.

Monday motivation: I’m calling anything outside of the ‘Comfort zone’ the ‘Danger zone’ from now on.
Kenny Loggins sings the song you just played in your head, taken from the film Top Gun with Tom Cruise [greatest actor ever on this Dalek earth]. You think Kenny or Tom lives in the comfort zone? No way, Jose!
It’s uncomfortable and daunting but we must experience the world outside of our comfort zone to experience the new and wonderful.
Imagine a time you felt uncomfortable and completely pushed outside of your comfort zone – felt scary, right? I bet if you had to do it today it would feel more like the comfort zone than danger zone.
All you can do is try your best, push through and get yourself out there, regardless of the experience/outcome, you made progress!
Make Tom Cruise proud!! 😎😂

Monday Motivation: Who do you want to become?

This really resonated with me and I hope it will connect with all of you.
By creating the habits of today, and every day, you will shape the person you are destined to become. Through habit we create our character.
Want to be a kind person? start with kind acts of love and selflessness. Make it a habit and aim to better yourself everyday.
Want to make a million pounds? start with improving your knowledge, set yourself goals, work hard. Make it a habit and aim to better yourself everyday.
Want to lose weight, keep fit, strengthen your body and mind? start with a walk, a gym membership, a YouTube video, a personal trainer. Make it a habit and aim to better yourself everyday.

It’s not maxing yourself out in a week or two. It’s a habit. It’s a lifestyle. A choice. It’s who you want to become – its achievable.

Monday Motivation:

This picture tells and reads a thousands words lol. It’s lengthy but beautiful! I appreciate it when my clients Pass these great little gems on to me, and from me, I pass to you!

Thanks Natalie!

Monday Motivation:

It’s hard not to get distracted by upcoming events, deadlines, the situation you want to be in and dreaming of the ‘ideal’ body that you don’t have. It’s easy to lose focus of the present and give sub-par results.

Meditation can help with this along with being present. Acknowledging your situation and making it work for you, not against you. A good example of being present is recognising that task/object at hand – sitting down on a seat, listening to a friend or lifting a weight. This recognition and acceptance can potentially improve your current experience, your workouts, calorie control, relationships and work.

Be present, not distant.

A good friend introduced me to this and it has helped massively with my happiness and control. I hope it helps you this week!

Monday Motivation:

Ask yourself if you have given 100 percent?
Ask yourself if you can do more?
Ask yourself how you can do more?
*Don’t feel bad for the past*

Focus on today and give your absolute best – that is true success.

Monday Motivation:

Summary: Your Happiness isn’t a destination it should be enjoyed daily. Find your reason for exercise, enjoy the exercise you love, give yourself time, stay committed and you’ll be smashing your body/fitness goals in no time!

This is actually my strapline: Happiness, Health and Fitness.

I believe that by focusing on our Happiness first, health and fitness will follow effortlessly. Make yourself happy, make fitness fun, and change the established perceptions of fitness. Exercise can be anything if you are moving and you enjoy it – break down your own classification of exercise [a run can be for fun, not for time, gardening is exercise, Monday isn’t just international chest day, walking is exercise, home workouts with a partner… also exercise hahah]

Get in touch today if you would like to have a general chit chat about Happiness, Health and Fitness and discover how you can make exercise work for you not against you!

Monday Motivation:

When was the last time you were selfish? When did you invest in your dreams and goals? I have written in one of my 100s of notepads my goals from a year ago, one was to lip read [weird, right? but I think the skill is so kool]! I practised for one day and never picked it up again, does this sound familiar? This could be that unused gym membership, the masters degree you thought about, the song you wanted to learn etc.

If I had practised only 10mins a day I would have wracked up 3650mins of practise or 60 hours. 60!! But, it’s not too late!

Give yourself the attention and care you require to progress your mind, body and spirit. Invest in your own happiness and then spread it to others!

P.s. It’s OK to be a little selfish [or a little shellfish 🦐]

Monday Motivation: the 7Ps

I believe this is a British army adage. Pretty self explanatory and very memorable. My neighbour introduced this to me years ago and it’s always stuck.

I hope this helps you prepare and plan for this coming week. I am a strong believer in success when visualised however planning and preparation are the pillars for success.

[smooth transition, lol] If you are looking for a personal trainer to help you prepare and plan your workouts then get in touch. lets work on my 7Ps that I have just thought of:
Proper Progressive Plans while Practising Perfect Performance 😉💪😂hahah

Comment your 7Ps below and try to beat that beauty👆😂

Monday Motivation:

I don’t know who needs to hear it, but don’t put it off another day, take action today! As Dell boy said “He who dares wins”

Monday Motivation: “Great success is built on failure, frustration, even catastrophe”

It’s said, success isn’t linear and it doesn’t happen over night. Knowing this, we can plan for set-backs, ‘failures’, breaks, and that thing called life.

Regardless of this, the step-backs hurt every. single. time. No doubt about it! BUT. If we plan for them, make them part of the plan and prepare for the worst we can perhaps pick our self up a little quicker, dust our self off and keep moving forward to our goals.

Thomas Edison said of his Light bulb attempts:
“I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

Monday Motivation:

On your path to success focus on the important elements in your life, the factors you can control and control them well. There is nothing wrong with baby steps, saying no or postponing an unrealistic task.

Monday Motivation:
Are you working on your goals daily – making them a priority?

How bad do you want it, or do you kinda just want it? Are you working on your goals every single day?I want you to imagine someone successful, someone who has accomplished a great deal doing amazing things. Now imagine yourself, reaching your goals and achieving your dream aspirations – what does it take for that person to achieve those dreams? What commitments and actions is necessary to become that person? Do they work hard every day or just when they have to? I did this and here’s what I came out with:

“Myself but with the temperament and charisma of Jack Johnson [the singer – the man is such a kewl kat!], a kind and welcoming presence that opens his mind, ideas and thoughts with others for the better. Takes genuine interest in others. Gives his best and never falters with clients. A person who works hard daily, pushing his knowledge looking for more education – more time reading and less on TV. Never late [working on it lol]. Body like Hercules. Walks tall and proud, not arrogant but certain. Admits mistakes. Cares for others. Places happiness over money.”

All the small steps will help you reach your goal – I’m still working on it, but I will work on it every single day. I believe hard work, belief and consistency turns believers in to achievers!

Monday Motivation:

Dynamic Duos that have great support for each other. Help is commonly seen as a negative. From children in school to adults in the workplace, how often are we afraid to ask for help?

If we knew everything it would make for some really boring conversations 😂 We don’t know everything, we all make mistakes and we can probably all improve in certain aspects. Refusing to ask for help is a barrier typically created by our ego – our precious precious ego! But a pure massive ego has never worked out well in the past, has it? 😂

It takes real strength and courage to ask for help and support when we need it. Asking for help is natural, progressive and a boss move – It’s OK to ask for help.

Monday Motivation: One day at a time ⌚️

If you have a goal, give yourself a date. A date will help you to keep focused and motivated to achieving that goal. If we don’t set a date we may find it very difficult to try our best every week and we may lose focus. No bueno, mi amigo!

Work on yourself one day at a time. Breaking a big goal down into small goals with realistic deadlines can help keep you on track and achieve those goals!

Monday Motivation: You deserve it!

Did you drop “only” one pound in weight?, did you “only” go to the gym once this week?, Did you “only” cut the sweets by a little? Sometimes we are our own worst critic when really we should be giving our self praise.

Give yourself credit for the great effort and intention you committed to making as opposed to thinking negatively. If you made only a little bit of progress then guess what? its still progress!

Don’t beat yourself up because you aimed for a billion press-ups but only managed 100, you tried and you did what you could. We need to remember that change will happen from a committed and long term basis not one great week or one poor week. If we only get one day’s workout in then that’s ok – it’s better than nothing – we will try for two next week. Be easy on yourself but keep pushing yourself forward!

Monday Motivation: When things get hard, breath.

Things move fast, the day is hectic and you may just feel like you’re chasing the whole day. Take a deep breath. Silence the noise and focus on what is important to you. Plan and prioritise. You got this!

Monday Motivation: Your decisions today influences the rest of your life.

We can chose to live in the shadows or the sun. We can’t let fear and doubt control us forever, you were born to be brave, bold and unique.

If you are looking to kick start your fitness, drop the weight, get in shape, fit in them jeans etc. then go for it. You can do it – you can go to a gym class, you can ask me for help, you can walk more, you can learn to change up your eating habits. You will know if change is needed – embrace it and go for it (and I mean go for it, not a ‘maybe I will’, GO FOR IT with everything you have).

First time I heard this was from a client. How perfect is it!

There’s usually a fix to your problem – but do you want to fix it? Only you can answer it and only you can push yourself to get there!

Happy Monday 🙂

Monday Motivation!

Keep working hard, keep giving it your best. Change is around the corner.

Happy Monday!

❗️Monday Motivation❗️

Show yourself and others that you have that tenacious spirit. Show them all how you went over, around, under or THROUGH obstacles every day.

Take small steps. Be consistent. Stick to your plan, work hard, don’t give up until it’s done. And most importantly, remain conscious of the moments that matter – the present!

If you’re in doubt, remember how far you have come and look at where you are willing to go.

Monday Motivation:

If you find that you are telling yourself “I don’t have time” or “I’m too busy” etc then you are lying to yourself.

We all commit time and effort to the people/activities that we value. If you don’t “have the time” the truth is you don’t place value on these people/activities.

Successful people find a way, they find the time.

Have you ever seen anyone possessed by a goal. The look in their eye. The determination and serious tone in their voice. the time they dedicate any minute towards. They want it no matter what. And no surprise, they achieve it. You have that ability – but only if you place value on that goal/achievement.

If your exercise isn’t exciting you then change it up. If your pushing healthy habits to the back of your mind then address the root of the issue and then move on in a positive manner. The mind has a funny way of sabotaging our efforts – we can prevent this.

Send me a message if your motivated and looking for advice or guidance. I’m happy to chat anytime and help people achieve!

Monday Motivation:

Self explanatory really. What’s great is knowing that we are capable of anything we put our mind, body and soul into! You are capable. Don’t give 50%, give your best effort – 100% – and you will be happy with the outcome. Coach John Wooden is an inspiration to me and millions around the world. I love his philosophy and ideas.

Monday motivation 💪🏃‍♂️

You either love it or you hate.
It either works or it doesn’t work.

Consistency is your biggest goal and together it’s important to enjoy the exercises that keep you consistent.

No point doing burpees for a hours if it means you hate the thought of it next week. Find what you love and stick with that.

I’ve said this before and I believe it.
❌ A run doesn’t have to be timed or a specific distance
❌ Gym routine doesn’t have to last an hour or two
❌ Exercise doesn’t have to be boring and include exercises you hate

Find what you enjoy and it will keep you consistent. If it’s not a Hell yes, it’s a No.

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