Stress. Nasty stuff this.

Ever find yourself stressed at work or even stressed at home thinking about just how much work you have to complete?

Stress can play a negatively role in our body, primarily on our hormones, our sleep quality/quantity, appetite, mood and even libido. It’s not easy to shake and typically we find ourselves in a state of stress more often than not. Sound like you?

Stress generally has no time-frame and definitely no respect for the good time your having. It can spark on an instant. At any time we can feel worried, isolated, scared, anxious and afraid. The feeling of being ‘ON’ (actively in a state of stress) is not healthy lifestyle choice and the inability to switch ‘OF’ will eventually take its toll. Stress, if you allow it, will wear us down to the point that our mental health and physical well-being suffers severely. These emotions and feelings are created by our own mind and I love the saying:

“We suffer more in imagination than reality”

– Seneca.

So, to help, I have written a little bit of advice that can help us find the source of stress, learn to engage with stress and essentially develop a switch ‘switch off’ mode. All of this will help to manage our work environment and separate it from our social life.

Identify – What causes you the most stress (It usually helps to get these down on paper)? This is where you can become your own coach. Identify the source, and reflect on your current process for dealing with the stress. Can you improve on any of these processes? Imagine yourself as the person you want to be, how would they find a solution? There is always a solution.
Ask yourself, search for it, and ask for help on how to deal with or manage it better from colleagues or friends (Please don’t view this as a weakness, a good manager especially will want to see you succeed and improve on all areas that you want to work on).

Work outcomes– Sometimes we just can’t control the outcomes! We can only try our best – that is all you can do. When we have tried our best we can accept the outcome. Having control is important and can keep you in the driver seat, so to say. However, we cannot control how other people will engage, react or view your work. Release that which is out of your control.

Deadlines – We all have them and, definitely, some deadlines have greater consequences than others. I tend to organise my time in terms of priority. What will cause me the most stress if it’s pushed back or left to the last minute? What means the most to me? Be it a work project or a personal relationship, make these actions a priority. Its important to be a little selfish and make sure the priority items are covered first. You have to take care of yourself first to take care of others.

Cliques – Need I say more? It’s work, not a fashion show. It’s work, not a personal life investigation – believe me I’ve been on the end of a few. I live by one rule. No gossip and be kind to everyone at work – colleague and customer.

Tips to manage:

  • Avoid the gossip – this can create a toxic and uncomfortable work environment.
  • Optimism – Look for the positives, be kind and I firmly believe this returns to you.
  • Learn to say ‘No’ – If it’s too much, you can say no. Be realistic and don’t absorb unnecessary work that can be completed by capable others.
  • Ask for help – We all need it, and I’m bad for this especially (just accepting things as it is). We don’t have to accept the circumstance, we can ask for help, resolve and release potentially years of stress.
  • Take more poop breaks – Silly, I know but hear me out. We usually use this time as our only down time at work 5-10+ minutes just to yourself. If you’re not going to give yourself more downtime at work, you might want to try more toilet breaks. Take more time for yourself at work or take more toilet breaks.
  • Lunch – Give yourself lunch time to eat lunch and be present eating it. It’s allocated time there to give yourself a break. It’s time to de-stress and recharge for the afternoon.
  • Switch off – Give yourself specific times for work and play. Planning ahead and allowing certain times for work only can help us to become more productive and switch off.
  • Get a good night’s sleep – This will help big time with energy levels, stress and hunger. I have used Lavender essential oils on the pillow to help me get a deep sleep [no judging lol]. You can read my article on tips to help you sleep here.
  • Rep it out – Switch off, get in the gym, distract your mind and earn those endorphins.

I hope this has helped. All pretty obvious methods but we tend to throw out the obvious when we are stressed and enter tunnel vision at 100 mph.

I hope this article has helped you in any way. Please share with anyone who may benefit and if you have some more tips please let me know in the comments below!

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