100k+ followers, eating amazing food and working out at the most exclusive beaches/retreats and gyms – flaunting it because, well… they’ve got it! But what happens if you don’t meet their expectations or look like them? Are they working professionals or just impersonating professionals?

Myself with Calum Von Moger and Karina Elle. I love their content.
The people in these photos have a combined 4’500’071 followers (currently). Guess who has the 71?

If you get super motivated from these people and their posts, fantastic! This is fuel to your fire!! Use it, enjoy it, learn from them and develop yourself. I myself follow a few people on Instagram and Facebook that really keep me motivated and I love learning from them. Some them even seem like genuine and kind individuals – These include world wide ‘influencers’ and local people I know and admire from Dundee and all over Scotland, Ill list at the bottom.

When viewing these ‘influencers’ daily on IG or Facbook or SC, It’s easy to get caught up in the lifestyle aspiration – but what happens when it doesn’t inspire and motivate? Specifically I noticed a point where I reflected negatively on my own life and your own situation because of their posts. This isn’t how the influencing is supposed to work, right?

Turns out it’s natural. Instead of motivating us with their lifestyle and glamour it’s not uncommon to feel jealous, uninspired and find their lifestyle unobtainable. We get de-motivated. It feels fake. It’s doesn’t seem fair and…

we are not influenced.

This realisation hit me recently and I found myself feeling really down every time they posted something new, sold something useless or, believe it or not, just the way they would say something! (silly, right? I’m better than that. I know that!). But, it was not good for me at that moment. I wasn’t influenced, I felt terrible on reflection of myself and my own life. So, why was I still following them and, more importantly, making myself feel bad? *click* unfollow.

I believe It’s very important to have aspirations and gain new insights, knowledge and support those you believe in but sometimes we need to reflect and ask “why am I following this person, are they making my life better or worse?”.

You know that book by Marie Kondo, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up? I’ve not read it but I’ve heard enough to pretend I have. Basically its about feeling your way through your items and deciding to keep them or not based on acknowledging your emotions with that item, not its history but your feelings and emotions. So, imagine an old shirt from High School, what are your feelings/emotions: good feelings keep it, bad feelings ditch it. I applied the same to social Media.

… it’s OK to click ‘unfollow’…

If you are not motivated or influenced, it’s OK to click ‘unfollow’ and find your motivation from people that actually bring you joy and happiness! Typically this begins with our self [but that’s another matter]. I know I would rather spend my day feeling lifted up and happy, not down and hopeless. I don’t want a moment to drag me down. My advice is this: if you roll your eyes or skip certain people on your feed on purpose then its probably time to move on.

Give it a try. Social Media is an online community and you can control the population.

P. S. It’s OK to unfollow me if I demotivate you – find what gives you the best advantage and take care of yourself!

P.P.S. The people I follow on social Media, I follow mostly in order to take in information but if I could only suggest two, it would be Thomas Sykes [a Personal Trainer and friend from Arbroath, Scotland – very motivational and damn charismatic!] and Mark Carroll [A coach I praise highly for his strength on Mental Health and his specialist knowledge on personal training].

Local, Dundee/Angus:

  • Thomas Sykes [FB & IG]
  • Vaughan Wilson [FB]
  • Emma story Gordon [IG]

Fitness Influencers:

  • Mark Carroll [IG]
  • Layne Norton [IG]
  • Lauren Simpson [IG]
  • Brian Nevison [IG]
  • Mike Ryan [IG]
  • Karina Elle [IG]
  • Calum Von Moger [IG]

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