I can’t take credit for this wonderful and useful tool but I will gladly support and promote the life out of it.

I first came across Scramble Theory when reading the book ‘How to talk to anyone’ by Leil Lowndes and it truly hit a nerve with me. The theory is simple and basically it’s this;

Try out a new experience once a month. Just one day. something new. Broaden your horizons and your vocabulary.

Easy, right? It only takes one day out of the month. This will not only open your world up to creative and fun new experiences and friends but broaden your vocabulary and understanding to the community and people around you. It can be anything; a new sport, council meeting, bird watching, attending a tournament, a new holiday destination, you name it. Change up the routine!


Participating in martial arts, I have a friend who is MAD for it! Lives and breathes Mixed Martial Arts [MMA] and loves the culture of UFC and adults tearing each other apart – something I can’t say I had ever been passionate about. His passion and participation for the sport has given him a deep rooted appreciation of the effort and skill involved – one I never thought I would have.

I decided to dive into this world – for just one day. I practised Judo, and I went to a kickboxing class at Skyaxe gym in Dundee [fantastic BTW – highly recommend] – both of which had never appealed to me before. But you know what, I enjoyed it (not all aspects – choking and locks instill images of broken bones and permanent disability in me ha..ha…..). But I enjoyed it, and if I had no fear – I believe I could even take it serious as a hobby.

The benefits:

I gained a greater appreciation for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, got to meet some great people [welcoming and kind] and the sweat was unreal from the kickboxing class. The feeling of connecting on a pad or manipulating an opponents body turned out to provoke a powerful (probably animalistic) feeling inside of me. And best of all, it brought me closer to a friend. I believe his respect for me grew and now I can enter his world and talk about topics that we both understand.

This use of scramble theory has given me a better appreciation of the world outside of my bubble and I can actually connect with more people who are within this culture. I have a new vocabulary. I have learned how to punch and kick with technique and power. I have broadened my horizons. I have thanked myself for trying something new.

Taking one day out of your 28 day month [minimum] is exceptionally fun! If I wasn’t afraid of popping my tiny head off my body I would be right into MMA. I will continue to try new experiences and enter new worlds that I am oblivious too.

You don’t have to participate, you can simply watch or just discuss in detail with someone. Hopefully, you can give it a go. If you do, let me know what you’re going to try next!!

I’m looking forward to my next experience…Yoga. I expect to bend into a pretzel and tickle my ears with my toes after one session…Namaste!

On my list includes:

  • A live wrestling match [watching]
  • Squash [Participating]
  • Hiking Ben Nevis [Participating]
  • Crossfit [Participating]
  • Skiing [Participating]
  • Green Bowls [Participating]
  • Any many more I don’t know about yet!!

Whats on your list?

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