Drinking water regularly helps with weight loss. Simple as you like.

Water obviously does a lot more that help with weight loss, its not like the most hydrated man in the world is the thinnest, no. I merely want to highlight the fact that water is important if fat loss is your goal. Here are a few tips as to why drinking water regularly helps with weight loss, starting with my favourite:

  • A large glass in the morning before breakfast, along with regular daily consumption, can help drop body weight, body fat, and body mass index and suppress feelings of hunger. [Though if you know me, I relate this heavily to good sleep!]
  • Cold water can actually increase energy expenditure [more calories burned while resting]. Turns out that that the body is like a kettle. Think of the electricity as your calories, it needs to use energy [calories] to convert cold water into body temperature. The calorie expenditure is extremely minimal. Maybe, the singing kettle were on to something!
  • Drinking water instead of one of your fizzy or zero-cal drinks can help lose weight and even stave off cravings for sugar and fat [I know what you’re thinking, zero sugar drinks are zero sugar Scott stop hating on me! – I know, I know, i’m sorry, but truth is that the alternative sweet stuff can actually have the same effect as sugar, bummer right].
  • Hydration. Yes, the body can survive on little water, for a time, but we all know the truth. If we are fully hydrated we are giving our body the best possible opportunity to perform optimally with less distraction.
  • Flushing out toxins: after a long nights sleep your body wants to filter out the toxins and waste. Water is needed to help filter the kidneys [yup, you guessed it, Pee. Give your kidneys the best supply and filter the toxins out the body regularly]
  • Lots of bathroom breaks: If your peeing you’re walking to the bathroom. Or I hope you are, and not ‘going’ at your desk! More water may not mean more toilet breaks for you, but point being that listening to your body, being conscious of its needs and more walking are all beneficial to fat loss and good health.

Years ago I used to drink a lot of fizzy and diluting juice…like a mad man! Water wasn’t an option until I decided to make the conscious decision to drink more. I was adamant that water was better for me for reasons of my sport -basketball [I thought, ‘if the pro’s drink water, then so should I, fizzy juice will only slow me down’ – silly right] well, It worked!! I was so driven on the fact that water was going to give me an edge over fizzy juice that I was converted. I guess I had not given water a chance before, I mean its water. It has no flavour. I’m not saying its bad and that fizzy juice and diluting juice are in the same category as the Nazis and Terrorism, but its all about moderation and performance for me. I still like the odd 7up, Fanta and Robinsons summer fruits etc. And I like to think I can taste the quality in water from different sources haha!

My Point is summarised as so: If you are drinking too much tea, coffee, juice, energy drinks etc and you want to make a small change to help you drop weight try substituting a drink for water or make sure you are efficiently hydrated throughout the day. Is drinking more water important to you? If not then no biggie. Enjoy and don’t feel guilty, its still OK to enjoy the things you love!

Did these tips help? If so, let me know in the comments below which one resonated most with you!

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