So, if yo clicked on this topic because of the title I presume your first thought was along the lines of “I keep lying to myself about ‘______’.”

Perhaps, you might be searching for an answer that will help you stick to a healthy diet, quit
smoking, make the choice to stick to a plan once and for all, or pluck up the courage to step out of your comfort zone.

This topic is about the unconscious decisions. The truth behind every ‘commitment’ we make.

What we say and think can be completely opposite. Now, I’m not talking about white lies or nice comments to make friends feel better, etc. I’m talking about making commitments to improve ourself and how we set our self up for failure without even knowing it.

Picture this, its January 1st, “Time to make a change to the routine and get fit, size 32 jeans I’m coming for you!”. You take the right steps; gym membership, new clothes, protein shake, etc. All good so far right? Then, a month or so down the line and the gym membership is no longer in use, the clothes are at the back of the wardrobe and you are asking yourself “Why didn’t I stick with it?”.

What changed?

January 1st you were full of energy for the gym, determined and hopes were high. Yes, we joined the gym, bought the clothes and drank the gruel that is known as a protein shake [lol]. We worked our tail off in the gym and refused to leave without an honest sweat! Then it all stops. A multitude of factors could have happened: Injury, work/overtime, family, timing, gym hours, other commitments, etc. A lot can disrupt the healthy change you were trying to make and for the most part, its ok. Life happens and you tried your best. Be proud of that. I hope you can pick it up when you can and get back to your goals.

However, if you felt like you fell off the wagon for no real reason, let’s explore one of the biggest reasons as to why we never truly committed?

Sometimes the task ahead of us was viewed through a microscope, not a telescope [original quote by yours truly]. The commitment was tied to starting, not finishing. Couple this with probably a little bit of self doubt in the back of our mind and here we are. We said things like:

“It starts Monday”


“We will give it a go and see how I do”.

Instead, I believe it is more important to truly consider the commitment and establish the effort involved at the start. Get it out in the open, write it down and plan it out – think about it. What does it take to get to my end result, what are the commitments, what am I willing to give up, is it realistic, what is my realistic time? The realisation can be eye-opening, daunting and/or exciting.

Yes, the effort is continuous. Yes, the task is massive. Yes, it is hard but you can do it. You can do it if you truly truly want to. Committing to a change and understand the costs and benefits is a true reflection of our ability to succeed – it provides us with a realistic expectation of the effort required.

We know, deep down in our truth, If we are going to commit to a change/decision or not. Consciously, we want it all or nothing at all – this is true for anything you love. We will make time for our change and consciously give it everything we can . The difference? We expected the effort involved, we said ‘we will no matter the cost‘ and we strictly dedicated time to our self love and improvement for the change, we knew the consequences and accepted them.

Moving forward to your own goals and commitments, will you accept the truth and grasp the opportunity with 100% of your ability?

Sunday, for 2 hours minimum, is my dedicated reading and development time. This is the day I get to focus on myself and try to make little improvements. I prioritise this time over anything else (I look forward to it). Please let me know if you have followed through on your decisions to make a change, I love hearing success stories. If you are planning to making a change let me know if the above has helped you and if you plan on dedicating time for you goal?

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