We suffer more in imagination than in reality

-seneca, stoic philosopher

I love that quote. It instantly resonated with me.

To be anxious you are most likely afraid of the upcoming situation. Fear is driving your mind to search for every possible negative outcome of your upcoming scenario. We shouldn’t ignore fear, in fact I believe we should face our fear and learn to control it. In doing so, I think taking a couple of minutes to analyse your train of thought and fear is important.

Now, i’m not saying face your fear and walk down the dark alley at night with a big sign say “you want some, do ya! Come and have a go!”. This would be a scenario where fear is a very important tool to use.

I relate anxiety to the simple fact that humans resonate more so with insults/negativity/fear than we do with compliments. Ten compliments/positive words about you in a single day are typically overshadowed by the one meaningless insult/negative comment direct at you. But why do we do this?

I believe most of my anxious thoughts are born in my imagination: the absolutely worse scenario because that is more real than a perfect day. It’s my imagination creating these worlds and usually the imagination wins these little mental battles, as i’m sure you have been defeated by yours also, at least once. It’s a horrible thought and truly it does not reflect my character and the real ‘me’ – my personality is truly more bold and exciting, my abilities are just as good as the next person, I can and I will achieve what I set out accomplish. But…Anxiety tends to win on these situations of preparation. The deciding factor in all of these decisions is my imagination and fear.

We stop imagining ourselves as the next Michael Jordan’s or Astronauts as kids and instead we day dream of what people think of us as adults. You can lose your identity in this mindset and be completely crippled by the negatives. It’s ok, it’s normal and there are solutions. You do not have to give in to your fear and anxieties.

I can’t give out a cure for anxiety. I’m not perfect and I definitely struggle with anxiety myself – so who am I to tell you? Que Connor Mcgregor’s voice “Who TF are you!?”. However, the following tip has helped me considerably and I hope it can help you.

TIP: Ask yourself if your thoughts are born in your imagination? Are they really true? Are they really useful to your situation right now? What happens if your fears don’t come true and, just, what if, it is a success?

If you are truly affected by Anxiety and would like to receive some help, please talk to your local GP or talk to person you can trust, it can also help to get these thoughts out of your mind and on to paper or just releasing them via your mouth to a friend.

Let me know if this was helpful or not. If you have any tips that you use yourself and you would like to share please post them in the comments below!

“You must understand fear so you can manipulate it. Fear is like fire. You can make it work for you: it can warm you in winter, cook you’re food when you’re hungry, give you light when you are in the dark, and produce energy. Let it go out of control and it can hurt you, even kill you… Fear is a friend of exceptional people

Cus D’Amato

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