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Face-to-Face Personal Training

Personal Training unique for you. Your interests are always at the core of the program.

Personal training and online training services. For 1-to-1 sessions I’ll make the trip to you. saving you time and travel, I offer gym sessions at numerous locations around the city of Dundee. Looking for semi-private training sessions? This can be arranged. Looking for an online coach? Whatever your needs, let’s work together.

Multiple Gym locationsConvenience for you
FitnessLove it, learn it, Grow
Supporting youAlways there for you

My Methodology

Happiness first, then health and fitness come naturally.

Why choose me?

I want to make every client and everyone I meet successful, healthy and happy. I want them to thrive making positive decisions that is best for them – not for everyone. My end goal with a client is to have them fully informed, confident and excited to workout and make healthy life choices without me – sometimes all we need is just a little guidance and direction.

Ultimately, you make the decisions, the train of thought, your own stress and barriers – I just show you an alternative to what has been stopping you reach your goals. Let’s tackle stress, body issues, fatigue and improve our physical performance together in order to become the best you, for your own reasons. My support will always be available to you.

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I’m always happy to talk about how I can help you. Make an investment on your health today and use the contact details below to book your free consultation!

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